How to entice mobile users for SEO?

How to entice mobile users for SEO?

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your website so as to make ensure that your website looks great and functions properly on mobile devices. When you perform mobile SEO, you will provide a positive website experience to users since it looks great on any device, regardless of the screen size.

Mobile device usage has sky rocketed in the past few years. Nearly 75% of consumers shop on mobile devices and this number is only expected to increase as smart devices become more accessible.

Why is Mobile SEO so important nowadays?

Mobile SEO makes sure that your mobile website offers you the best viable presentation of your content to a mobile device user. Since our world is increasingly mobile-oriented, it has grown to be vital that your website online is mobile-friendly. If your website online is not proper, to be had for the mobile customers, you will pass over out on a decline rating in the SERPs and consequently omit profits. Therefore, you need to do the entirety on your toe to make the mobile version of your webpage as top as feasible. In truth, it must be remarkable!

Effective mobile-friendly SEO strategy

  • Optimize your page speed

Page speed is one of the most essential factors in SEO industry. Remove all the frustration of a slow loading page by optimizing your website to load in blink of an eye. This is especially relevant for the mobile users because there is only so long you can keep their attention without losing their interest. Pages or website that take longer time of more than four to six seconds to load have massive abandonment rates and can be a cause of your potential customer lose. This is the reason why you need to make ensure that your webpage must load faster.

Keeping the images to a minimum can help with that speed. There are many tools by the help of which you can compress your website images. Making the website mobile friendly already implies that you would be compressing it to make it mostly text oriented.

  • Google My Business

Google My Business list is the first thing people will find upon while searching for a business. This benefits the localization SEO is super easy to set up. This is the page that shows the customers address, email, phone number, business hours and ratings. Keep the information on this page up to date so that people are not misled or run into dead ends when trying to contact your company.

Your description of your company is also very important because the more information you pack there, the more you broaden your chances of someone typing in those words into the search engine. Photos and videos are a sure shot way to give people an accurate picture and impression about your company. Ask for the reviews from the visitors who interacts with your company’s webpage, because more positive reviews give your page rank a boost on the web.

  • Make your website mobile user friendly

It is important to make your website mobile user friendly as 60% of traffic on the search engines can actually navigate through your website. If it can be easily read, have links that are big enough to click and look visually appealing, then you have already impressed half the people who found your website on various search engine. Options to change the mode from desktop to mobile when the website detects a mobile user is also a very good option to attract users.

Basically, the content aligns itself in a compact way so that people can scroll through the website successfully. Responsive design is key of attracting and keeping mobile users attention. In fact, this brings them back to the website, increasing your web page ranking. Use the buttons and lists instead of complex menus so as to make your website more visually appealing.

  • Use the Social Media Funnel

Social media is one of the highest contributors to mobile traffic, taking 80% of the mobile users. Make use of the social media pages to strengthen your online web presence. A social media page such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with strong and accurate facts about your company will do miracles to increase your web traffic.

Interacting with the users also gives way for a better ranking of your website. Likes, comments, reposts or retweets and sharing increases your online visibility. Social media websites can not only be used to interact with each other but also used for the marketing campaigns and advertisements as it can help you in increasing your brand awareness, engagement, sales and many more.

  • Directory Listings

There will be websites that have used your company in their blogs or to provide information with good intentions, but they might get the wrong details. So reach out to these people and gently tell them to make the corrections and that you have appreciate their acknowledgement of your company. Facts that are consistent over the other directory listings that mobile users use can help the search engines to recognize your website on the web.

  • Mobile Keywords

Mobile users tend to use shorter, compact and oftentimes grammatically incorrect sentences so as to conduct a search on their web browser. They are also more likely to let the search engines autocomplete their searches. It is very easy to conduct the analytics so as to figure out autocomplete suggestions, so much so that there is a game about it. Build the keywords on your website around these autocomplete suggestions. These benefit the SEO greatly, so it is worth investing time and effort into figuring them out.