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Make the PHP live chat here with Antigua Web Solutions for developing the static and dynamic website for your business. For making the design of your website splendid you need to use PHP coding. Even how to do this, we are making it easy for making well-designed web applications using PHP. Moreover, Antigua Web Solutions make a prominent and bewildering look for your website. Here you will come to know that what is actually PHP and how it helps you to make your website dynamic. More than this, we are providing the other best services like

In addition to this, PHP live chat helps to get an idea about every single step and approach for developing the website and web applications for you. You can query Antigua Web Solutions every single doubt you have. Along with this, we are here to make your doubts clear with the wide range of our services. Since PHP is a server-side which executes on the server directly. After executing on the server the result will return to the browser in HTML. We take the apposite idea of the client about developing the website and then only they pay according to their chosen parts for their website.

Furthermore, we are the source by which you can make the best part of your services. Our company does have the years of experience to render complete services. Let’s explore your entailments and meet up them with our endeavors.

    We make elucidated & confounded web services-

    Antigua Web Solutions is rebounding its best part of services to you on priority. On the other hand, we help enterprises to build the business and deliver numerous and plenary solutions with on-time deliveries. Not only this, but we provide high-quality results every single day to our clients. Since Antigua Web Solutions is one of the best IT company which makes customer-centric digital products and services for web and mobile as well.

    Services of Antigua Web Solutions-

    We offer you the best part of the services that may definitely enhance the power of your presentation of your products and services. These services plays a vital role as in the time of scrolling thing up over internet, you may or may not find more things regarding your requirements at one place. But on the whole Antigua Web Solutions is making it possible for you to get better content with windows services development for your business.

    Not only this, but also get the Social media marketing services for promoting your brands and services instantly to gather more visitors on the same time. There will be best approaches to do the online reputation management for your page as to identify and monitor and address the issues or getting the positive responses from customers. Antigua Web Solutions is completely providing the support management and CRM development.

    • SEO Service- By making the SEO-optimized content or web service, you can get more engagements and leads for better sales.
    • SMM Services– The Social Media Marketing services can enhance the number of visitors on your pages as well. Get more visitors by posting the ads of your business on different social media platforms.
    • ORM Services– Monitor your website by taking help with Online reputation management. This helps in making the reputation of your website.
    • Email Marketing– We make it easy for you to spread your business even by taking help from the email marketing option.
    • Pay Per Click Service– By using the Pay per click service, grab more deals when a consumer or visitor clicks on your ad then they will directly come on your page. This makes it easy to approach for selling your products and services to the customers.
    • Affiliate Marketing- Gathering more and more orders by promoting your brands through other websites by having the affilate marketing.
    • Mobile Application– Using the mobile application for your services will be easy for the visitors to clicks. The mobile application makes it more convenient to do the purchasing by having all the services in front of the customer.
    • WPF Application- WPF called the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This is basically a UI framework. The WPF helps to create desktop client applications.

    More services of Antigua Web Solutions-

    Along with doing the support management, we provide the best web applications or designs for your services and business. There are more services which are we are providing you with our best approaches. We Structure the web development and the web website designing for clients business if you are up to create one. Also, if you are looking for something best that can now give you splendid results then definitely this platform is the best service provider.

    We are providing the best solutions with doing the App maintenance also if you are having web applications for your particular business. Rather than this we are providing the Windows Service development for the clients. You may also have the WordPress theme development service from us and will definitely provide you the best solutions within the given time quant.

    • CRM Development
    • Windows Service Development
    • Support Management
    • Website Maintenance
    • CMS Maintenance
    • App Maintenance
    • ERP Maintenance
    • Ui-Ux Design
    • WordPress Theme Development
    • Website Designing
    • PSD To Xhtml Conversion Services
    • Web Development
    • PHP Web Development
    • E-commerce Development
    • Dot Net Development Company
    • CMS Development


    Basically, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is a code which helps to make or structure a web content and web page. Content has to be structured using the text, tables and list of bullet points, or images clearly.

    In this page, you will have the holistic information regarding the strategies and the advantages of making or designing your web application or website.


    As PHP is a server-side scripting language though it helps in developing the best and static websites for your business. Give a better approach to your business by adding the best features to it. Not only this, but also for having better engagements, get prominent and instant clicks on your pages by getting the dynamic website with PHP. This is called Hypertext Pre-processor. But prior to this name, it was called the Personal Home pages. The home page is the first of a number of pages of the website. It does have a connection to other pages of information on the same website.

    For making dynamic websites we keep in mind only provide the exact thing or structure for you which can give you better interactions. Yes, it matters a lot that how your home page is being shown. This is the important part to make dynamic web applications with better planning and useful strategies. If you are pending an amount that means you should grab the best result.

    PHP is easy to use and it is free to download as well. In addition to this, PHP can contain CSS, PHP code, and Javascript. Also it contains HTML and texts for making More than this, it an extension of “.php”. Along with this, PHP is very powerful which is totally at the core of the biggest blogging system on the web which is WordPress.

    Antigua Web Solutions is making it convenient for clients to generate the dynamic page content. Furthermore, we work using PHP for creating the content and files and it can also read, write and delete the files on the server. Overall, we deliver the best resolutions regarding your approaches for having web applications and many more services. Get also the Windows Service Development, Support Management, Website Maintenance on a priority basis with apropos repercussions. We the Antigua Web Solutions can also help the clients in doing the CMS Maintenance, App Maintenance, ERP Maintenance.

    What is the working of PHP?

    For having the overview of PHP, we make it explicit to you about the working of the PHP. Else PHP collects form data and it sends and receives cookies for the website. More than this, this is controlling the user access and encrypting data of the website or of the web application or any other services which you want to opt for as well.

    Using PHP helps in adding and deleting the data in your database. Moreover, it helps in deleting the data in the database. Also, about its working PHP can give the output images and the PDF files. Antigua Web Solutions helps you to support a wide range of services at the same time.

    Why PHP is vital for web services?

    Using PHP for building the website can make it easier for you to get the best homepage for your web application or website. More than this, you should know the reason that why Antigua Web Solutions prefer PHP. We have already discussed PHP and now its importance of PHP. Hence, Learn that why it is important for developing dynamic web applications or websites.

    • PHP can easily run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix, etc.
    • Apart from this, it is very much compatible with or all the servers which are using in today’s time like Apache, IIS, etc.
    • Moreover, PHP is free and it has a wide range of databases.
    • Furthermore, it is easy to download it from its official love resource website.
    • Moreover, it is very easy to learn and anyone can learn how to use PHP and can efficiently run it on the server as well.

    Advantages of using PHP

    There are a few reasons why PHP is important and what is the importance of PHP for building websites and getting better web applications. Comprehensively get the best idea by doing the PHP live chat with us. we can easily assist you with making a lot of a better successful delivery with the prominent services whatever you will ask.

    Furthermore, the advantages of using PHP in that how it is being advantageous for web services. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using PHP-

    • You don’t need any kind of prior knowledge of HTML while using PHP.
      Additionally, it is an open-source language so it is basically very easy to learn and download.
    • Apart from this PHP uses Some Tags which help to make it or similar to that of HTML.
    • Also, it has a larger community document.


    There are some requirements of making the web application and other web services for which you need these programs.

    • PHP 5 (with PDO support),
    • MySQL 5.

    Features of PHP live chat

    For doing the PHP live chat over there are some features through which you can have a design of a chat window and for the visitors so there are visitor chat on the operator chat consoles also.

    using PHP used to easily create custom thing things which help to get the website layout for your business. Get all the order list of features handling to get the best PHP coding.

    Defined Order



    In the simultaneous feature, the operators will simultaneously receive the chat request. Moreover, in the PHP live chat, there is also a pre-chat form. In this pre-chat form, before starting a chat session you can easily add more fields to get more information for your awareness. Moreover, for your convenience, we can easily set the system to start the chat automatically and it will be only done when you will click the chat icon. Although, if you have to skip the pre-chat process for this. These kinds of pre-chat settings are totally different for every department.

    Required or Optional

    There are some required or optional fields. In the required fields you have to fill up them on a mandatory basis. It will be in the pre-chat from the fields as name, email, and question. These can be required, hidden, and optional accordingly. You may also skip the pre-chat form.

    Custom Fields

    About the custom fields, this helps to get more information from the visitors and these variables will not visible to the visitors. Additionally, the javascript variables will be visible to the chat operator.

    Shared Canned Responses

    Only to create the canned responses the setup admin is eligible to do. These canned responses are for all the operators.

    Global Categories

    In addition to this global categories are made for canned responses by the setup admin. The canned responses are available for all the operators. The chats will be transferred from one operator to another in the transfer chat option. In case, if the chat is transferred not accepted by the target operator then there will be a leave message form though you can leave your message over there as well.

    Transfer to Operator

    In the feature of transferring to operator, the chat session can be transferred from one operator to another department operator easily.

    Transfer to Department

    The chat sessions can transfer from one operator to another department at the same time. Including this, there are some chat icons. To launch your chat session you can have three options of choosing the SVG style chat ion. More than this, there is the option of uploading the custom chat icons. You may also use a text link to launch your chat session easily hassle-free.

    Henceforth, get the PHP live chat option on our website for getting an overview of creating the best web applications. Allow us to render the services mentioned above. For all services, there is the one and only platform which is Antigua Web Solutions. Get into the chat session for building your websites or any other service information by clicking on the PHP or live chat option. By putting your name and email address in the form to get it done for having a better chat session for your business as well. so let’s start this the PHP live chat session with us today and we will definitely try to make a composite endeavor to meet up all the requirements with splendid outcomes for your business.