The beginner’s guide to google ‘s pay per click advertising

As we all know that the lifeblood of any website is how much traffic is coming on it. Specifically, traffic that is seeking to purchase the services or the goods that you are offering.

One of the most productive methods for creating the traffic, whether looking to get more sales to your e-commerce sites or the drive leads is the paid search advertising. And the most popular platform among them is Google Ads. Want to use Google Ads ( known as Google Adwords) then it can be the most profitable decision that you make for your business. This is not an exaggeration.
However, you should not jump into spending the money straight away without knowing the basic things about the Google Ads. Lets first talk about what Google Ads are and how they work to drive the traffic for your website by setting up the campaigns for your business.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC is formerly known as Pay-Per-Click. It is a pricing model that the advertiser pays for online marketing when the ads of the advertiser are clicked on some amount of money is deducted from its account.

The best-known platform for PPC advertising is Google Adwords and other platforms where you can post the ads are like Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc.

What is Google Adwords?

 Google Adwords is an advertising platform through which you can create the ads campaigns for your business on the Google properties (text, images, etc.)

Google Adwords makes use of the Paid search advertising in which the user bid on the keywords on which they want the ads to be triggered. When the user searches one of the keywords on google then your Adwords ads will be then displayed on the search engine result pages above and on the right side of the organic result page.

 How Does Google Ads Work?

When you will start using the Google Ads, then you will become what we refer to as an advertiser. You must be aware that every advertiser bids on a set of keyword for their particular website. These keywords are the terms that the customers use to search the product or the service that is offered by you. Like if you are providing digital marketing services then you have to bid on the keyword like SEO services, PPC services, etc.

When someone visits Google to search for something and it matches your keyword then google will run an auction of all the advertisers who are targeting that keyword. It all depends on Google that how relevant the ads are to the search query.

The one who advertises its ads is only charged a fee whenever the user clicks on the ads. And the cost per click varies with each auction that is based on factors like how the ads are relevant to the search query and the competition.
What are the benefits of using Google Ads?

1.Outrank Competitors On The World’s Largest Search Engine

When the target audience is not able to find your website so it means they are not going to have your service. This is the reason that many businesses turn to Google ads. They know the powerful advertising platform that will make them climb to the top search engine results page for particular keywords.


  1. Google Ads build high traffic for your business or brand

This is the second advantage is you can tap on a huge audience. When you launch the brand your first challenge is to give awareness about it. Nowadays anyone can build the business by wrapping up their head with the Google Ads


  1. Google Ads Are Faster Than SEO

When you will start launching the ads, the result you will see immediately. It is the biggest advantage to reach the audience.

If you have an SEO strategy then it is a good idea but we all know that it takes time and not all the businesses have that luxury.

Ads help to bridge the gap between the social media campaign and the organic SEO to get the immediate traffic and help you reaching the traffic instead of waiting for months to rank the keyword in the SERPs. With the combination of it, you can bring together both worlds.

  1. Adwords Are 100% Measurable And Scalable

Perhaps the most important and the biggest benefit of running the Google Adwords is that it is fully measurable.

If you combine Google Analytics and other tools. As it is true for everything from the campaign microsites to the e-commerce stores. It is important because when you drive traffic to your websites but it will do not achieve anything unless the visitor takes any action. No doubt you can get a high click-through rate and low bounce rate but your campaign will be at a loss if you do not achieve a high conversion rate. So, after measuring the conversion rate and the click-through rate you can scale the ads up for more traffic.

 To encapsulate

And there you go now you might have got some idea about the Google Adwords that it is an extremely powerful tool when you want to acquire new visitors and customers for your businesses. With Google Adwords, you can manage the respectable ROI if it is not used smartly. The key lines that you get from this blog post will help you in the constant testing of the ads and optimizing them for better performance and giving you success.